How Long Will You Notice a Difference After Laser Hair Removal?

As a general rule, you can expect to see the results of each laser hair removal session one to three weeks after completing it. After that, you should wait until the hair follicles in the area enter the active growth phase. The destroyed hair follicles eventually give way and the hair begins to shed and fall out. Customers can expect to see thinning and spots on their hair; some areas may even appear completely hair-free.

Your board-certified doctor will use a portable device to send pulses of highly focused light directly to the hair follicle. Thermal energy attacks and damages the pigmentation at the base of the follicle, while leaving the surrounding tissue completely unharmed. The follicle dies and future hair growth is inhibited. You may start to observe hair loss approximately 1 to 3 weeks after treatment. The number of treatments you need will depend on the hardness of your hair, since more persistent hair on your chin or upper lip tends to take longer to remove.

Most people start to notice their hair fall out three to five days after the laser hair removal session. In addition, you should avoid using any other hair removal method, such as waxing, for at least one week after treatment. Keep in mind that if you only want to thin the hair in the treatment area, you may be able to achieve the desired results after just two or three sessions of laser therapy. In fact, it's not uncommon for laser hair removal results to last a lifetime once all the hair follicles in the treatment area have been destroyed. Once the hair follicles are damaged, they release the hairs they were growing on and no more hairs can grow.

However, you should keep in mind that you will definitely need several sessions per specific area because the laser can only destroy hair follicles in the active growth phase. For example, if someone has fair skin and dark hair, they will typically observe a decrease in hair growth after just one treatment, while people with darker skin or lighter hair will likely need more than one treatment to get the desired results. For instance, resorting to this hair removal treatment for hair loss is very popular among men who hate how often they have to shave or trim their facial hair. The full effects of laser hair removal at a clinic may take some time to become visible. Although, over the course of several treatments, laser therapy can destroy all of the hair follicles in a given area, there is a chance that the body may grow new hair follicles in the treated area.

You're also not likely to experience redness or irritation, as laser hair removal rarely has side effects. On the other hand, if your goal is to remove unwanted hair from your back, chest, upper part and lower abdomen, the treatment can last about an hour. Laser Hair Removal is an effective way of removing unwanted body and facial hairs permanently. It is a safe and painless procedure that can be done quickly with minimal downtime. The results are long-lasting and can be seen within a few weeks of treatment.

If you are considering laser hair removal as an option for removing unwanted body or facial hairs, it is important to consult with a board-certified doctor who specializes in this procedure. They will be able to assess your individual needs and provide you with an accurate timeline for when you can expect to see results.