Caring for Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal: A Guide

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatments among men and women in the United States, and more than 1 million treatments are performed each year. The GentleMax Pro allows each patient to undergo a fully customizable laser hair removal treatment with little or no pain, discomfort, or downtime. But what happens after the treatment? How do you care for your skin to ensure that the laser hair removal is effective? The answer is yes, you should moisturize after laser hair removal. While it's not recommended to moisturize before your laser hair removal appointment, it's important to do so afterwards.

The best moisturizers to use after laser hair removal are those that don't contain perfume, as this will help avoid excessive skin irritation. You can apply certain types of moisturizers after laser hair removal. If you feel dry and itchy in the treated areas, you can soothe them with a moisturizer instead of trying to get rid of itchy scratches. Applying a moisturizer to your face after the treatment session can help alleviate any redness and keep your skin healthy between laser hair removal treatments. However, you don't need to use an antibacterial lotion, as it's likely to cause dryness. You can exfoliate with sugar or salt with a washcloth or sponge, making a circulatory movement over the area of the body to be treated with laser hair removal.

Tips for Laser Hair Removal Care

To ensure that your laser hair removal is effective, there are some tips you should follow.

These include using at least a protection factor of 30 at all times and making sure to reapply it when necessary, avoiding makeup and other beauty products for at least 24 hours after the session, and exfoliating the treated area several times a week between sessions. A lot depends on the area being treated and the amount of hair there is, the thickness and how well the patient follows their skin care routine at home.

Sun Protection After Laser Hair Removal

It's important to give your vulnerable skin plenty of time to recover from the laser hair removal treatment before tanning. Doing so after laser hair removal could result in serious skin irritation. Provide additional sun protection on the area of the body where laser hair removal was performed for approximately two weeks after treatment.

This helps accelerate the loss of hair follicles and prepares the skin for the next laser hair removal session.

Caring for Your Face After Laser Hair Removal

Taking proper care of your face after laser hair removal will help your skin heal faster and ensure that you're ready for your next treatment. Used on almost any area of the body, laser hair removal is especially popular for removing unwanted facial hair and leaving the face soft, silky and sexy.


In conclusion, caring for your skin after laser hair removal is essential for achieving optimal results. Avoid direct exposure to the sun as much as possible and, above all, avoid tanning outside for at least two weeks after laser hair removal, as this could cause serious sunburn.